Church and 501c Law and Litigation 2017-06-26T11:48:57-05:00

Our clients benefit from our Church and 501c Law and Litigation team’s extensive depth and experience in representing churches, tax exempt organizations and other nonprofit corporations. Cagle Carpenter Hazlewood is a leading educator on legal issues involving churches and charities. Our firm represents all faiths and handles a wide variety of issues for our church clients. Our church law attorneys understand the challenges and issues faced by our clients.

Cagle Carpenter Hazlewood provides:

• Church Formation and Dissolution services
• Church Merger services and advice
• Contract Review, Interpretation and Negotiation
• Bylaw/governing document review and amendment
• Board/Elder Meetings
• Board/Elder Governance
• Income Tax and Unrelated Business Income Issues
• 501(c)(3) Compliance Issues
• Property Taxes and Exemptions
• Internal Policies and Procedures
• Statutory and Regulatory Compliance
• Employment Manuals
• Benefits
• Guidance on hiring/termination
• Education and Training

Clients We Serve

• Nonprofit corporations
• Tax Exempt organizations
• Churches