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FREE Condominium Transition Workshop

At Cagle Carpenter Hazlewood, we are passionate about educating community association leaders and volunteers as to the legal concepts and statutory laws that govern their associations and communities. We also recognize that the transition of control of a condominium association from the developer to the unit owners can be a confusing process that is fraught with issues that, if not handled properly, can have significant consequences for the condominium association and the unit owners. For such reason, we offer a training class specifically designed for condominium unit owners that will soon experience or have recently completed the transition of control of their condominium association from developer control to unit owner control.

Our Condominium Transition Training class consists of one hour of no-cost instruction that covers all of the issues and best practices that unit owners need to be aware of prior to and following the transition of control of their condominium association. The class is open to unit owners and Board members of all Texas condominium associations, even if the condominium association is not a client of the firm. In addition, free refreshments will be provided to all attendees.

The topics covered in the Condominium Transition Workshop include:

  • Condominium Governance and Governing Documents
  • Procedures for Effecting the Transition of Control
  • Accounting and Books and Records
  • Reserve Studies and Facilities Audits
  • Hiring Managers, Attorneys and other Vendors
  • Best Practices

The Condominium Transition Workshop is offered three times a year: March, June and September.

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