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Our clients benefit from our Construction Defects team’s extensive depth and experience in representing community associations dealing with defective design and construction of buildings. We have built a successful track record of resolving claims quickly, efficiently and favorably through early negotiation and mediation. If trial does become necessary, our team has the resources and experience to try large, complex cases. We partner with our clients to resolve post-construction issues, and can assist on an hourly or contingency basis to assert the claim.

Cagle Carpenter Hazlewood provides:

• Inspection Services
• Expert Investigations
• Mediation and Arbitration of claims
• Contingency and Hourly Litigation

Free, No-Obligation Initial Inspection of Your Property

The Firm can facilitate a free, no-obligation, initial investigation of your property by one of our construction experts. CCH engages the best expert team in the country to properly identify and quantify construction deficiencies.

Clients We Serve

• Homeowners and Homeowner Associations
• Condos
• Condo Conversions
• Townhomes
• High Rises
• Single Family Homes
• Planned Developments

Commercial Developers and Investors

• Apartments
• Industrial
• Shopping Centers
• Casinos
• Hotels
• Self-Storage Facilities

Municipalities, Universities, and Colleges

• Public Work Buildings and Projects
• University and College, Facilities, Classrooms and Housing
    • House of Worship/Not for Profits
• Initial construction and remodels

Other Practice Areas

• Property Damage Insurance Claims
• Faulty Construction Product Claims
• Developer and Investor Due Diligence Investigation (pre- and post-purchase)