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Our clients benefit from our comprehensive approach to landlord tenant issues including evictions, fair housing complaints and compliance and health and safety issues.

Cagle Carpenter Hazlewood Provides:

• Eviction Notice(s) to tenant
• Eviction of residential tenant for non-payment of rent or any other reason
• Eviction of occupants of residential property (i.e., after foreclosure)
• Eviction of commercial tenant for non-payment of rent or any other reason
• Appeal of eviction action judgment against landlord
• Appeal of civil action judgment against landlord
• Recovery of rent and/or damages owed to you by commercial or residential tenants
• Forfeiture proceedings (i.e., repossession of real property sold via “Agreement for Sale” or “Contract for Deed”)
• Drafting of residential rental agreement, specifically for you and your property (or properties)
• Drafting or review of lease for a commercial landlord
• Review of real estate purchase/sale agreements (as buyer or seller of any type of real property)
• Statutory Agent Services for a business entity (i.e., LLC, corporation, etc.) that holds title to your rental property
• Statutory Agent Services for any business entity (i.e., LLC, corporation, etc.), whether or not related to rental property
• Statutory Agent Services for out-of-state residential landlords (as required by Arizona law)
• Formation of LLC (for investment or other reasons)

Clients We Serve

• Residential and Commercial Landlords
• Residential and Commercial Brokers